API Documentation


Each INFORM model is identified by a 'WorkflowId'. The INFORM models belongs to the same release, are coded with the same 'WorkflowGroupName' (e.g. INFORM 2017 release and the five years back-calculated models based on the same methodology).

Resource Description
request=GetWorkflow Returns the 'WorkflowId' of all the published INFORM results and the 'WorkflowGroupName' of all the INFORM releases


Resource Description
request=GETIsoList Returns all countries with associated iso


Resource Description
request=Indicators Returns all indicators associated with workflowId


Resource Description
request=GetResultsWFPublished Returns results of published workflow

Country profile

Resource Description
request=GetWfValidCountryProfile Returns workflows list valid for country profile
request=MainIndicators Returns scores for the INFORM Dimensions
request=Trends Returns trends for the INFORM Dimensions
request=Trends_NHSVII Returns trends for the INFORM Categories
  • Natural
  • Human
  • Socio-Economic
  • Vulnerable groups
  • Institutional
  • Infrastructure
request=Global_Peers Returns the INFORM dimensions scores for the countries with similar risk
request=RegionIncome Returns the average values for
  • Income Group: average score of countries in the same income group
  • Region: average score of countries in the same region
  • Income / Region: average score of countries in the same income group in the same region
for INFORM dimensions
request=Top5Bottom5 Returns
  • the first top 5
  • the last bottom 5
values for secondary indicators